Monday, March 9, 2015

My most recent Kickstarter backing

I've loved comic books for longer than I can remember.  I still own quite a few, as well as a large number of reference books about comics, comics reprints, and so on.  Though I stopped going to comic conventions many years ago, I've also always watched and was for a while a fringe part of the culture of comics.

So when I saw Jackie Estrada's Kickstarter for her second book about Comic Book People, two things happened:  I kicked myself for missing the first one, and I immediately supported this one.  (I am also trying to acquire the first book as part of supporting this second volume.) 

I've never met Estrada, but I've long known of her.  (For an introduction in her own words, read this piece over at The Geek Girl Project.)  She's been in comics culture for a very long time, and her collection of photos and stories is, from everything I've read, quite wonderful.

I can't wait to see these books!


Kyle said...

And here is the next crowd-funded project that you're going to want to back:

Mark said...

Oh, yes. I've been seeing it for a while and will definitely back it.


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