Sunday, January 4, 2015

Drugs vs. cough: Round 2 is still a draw

A little over a week ago, I reported that the drugs I was taking were fighting my cough to a draw.  Now, with my last antibiotic pill due tonight, I'd still call the contest a neck-and-neck race.  I've slept as much as I could reasonably manage over the last two weeks, and I've taken the antibiotics and nasal spray as the doctor ordered, and I am definitely better--but I am nowhere near 100%.  I still have a cough, and I am still feeling under the weather.  I have to hope this situation will improve.

To be fair to the doctor, I stopped taking the anti-cough nighttime pill two days ago, because it contains hydrocodone, which was sticking with me for a long time each day.  If necessary, I can always go back to using that drug to be able to sleep without coughing, but doing so is likely to affect my work, something I do not want to happen.

So, I'm going to have to hope that the lingering cough will vanish and I will fully heal.

More on this front in a week or so. 

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Rosanne said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

I'm w/ you: I really dislike codeine, hydrocodone, morphine (the morphine was from when I was having a broken foot taken care of in 1980)...any of those strong meds. I can't take a whole dose of some medicines cause I would sleep for 24 to 48 hours!


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