Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Three holiday views of Holden

When Holden is not busy trying to smooth the rough edges of the Cone Man or save our deer and squirrels from other-dimensional poachers, he spends time contemplating the universe and its many secrets.  For those willing to watch closely, he shares the answers to those secrets.

In this shot, for example, he is letting us know that, yes, there is a guiding force to the universe.

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That force does not, however, bring kibble often enough.

Here Holden makes clear that vigilance is the price of freedom--and also package delivery. 

Woe be unto those who try to sneak a cardboard box onto our stoop. 

Finally, as he so often does, Holden likes to remind us that if we will only stare deeply enough into his eyes, we will realize that though the guiding force of the universe does not deliver his kibble when it should, we have free will and could fix that problem on our own.

If only we would listen and act more.

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