Thursday, November 6, 2014

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, Washington, D.C., day 1

Busy day.  Awoke after way too little sleep, worked liked crazy, and headed downtown to apply for Global Entry.

The folks there were pleasant and efficient, and I'm now all set.  Excellent.

Grabbed an egg salad sandwich and some salad at a food court in the Ronald Reagan building.  Not bad.


Some more work.

Did I mention work?

Toured the art show.  Great show that included over a hundred original pieces of Virgil Finlay art.  Wow, was that guy amazing!

Did a quick walk through a very nice dealers' room refreshingly jammed with books.  Very tempting stuff.

Dinner was with friends and colleagues at a nearby Italian place, Portofino.  Decent food, service that could use some work.

Got back in time to do some work and then moderate an SRO panel on "Fantasy and the Reality of Law Enforcement."  I was there just to keep things rolling along.  The stars of the show were Griffin Barber, a cop for a major city, and Alistair Kimble, and FBI agent.  Both are friends, both are fellow writers, and both did a fine job on the panel.  It was fun.

A little time at the Tor party, more work, time chatting with friends, more work, and a jammed day comes to an end.


Griffin Barber said...

Went off without a hitch thanks to your fine moderation and diligent work setting us up for success.

Thanks so much, Mark.

Mark said...

You guys did it all. I was just along for the ride and enjoying the show.


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