Sunday, October 5, 2014

On the road again: CONtraflow, New Orleans, day 3

The con wound to a close today, though the panels were hopping until five o'clock in the afternoon.  I took advantage of a light load of responsibilities to head into New Orleans and do a tiny bit of sightseeing and grab some good food.

Lunch was a tasty mix of meats at McClure's Barbecue.  While none of the meat was up to the best of Texas (brisket and sausage) or North Carolina (pulled pork), it was all quite good, and I very much enjoyed it. 

After some walking along Magazine Street and a bit of driving around, I grabbed dessert--a delicious ice-cream sampler--at The Creole Creamery

In the early evening, I joined the con's Dead Dog party, which was a fun, low-key gathering.

The folks who run CONtraflow are a great group who are always insanely nice to me.  I'm already looking forward to returning next year, when I should once again be Toastmaster. 

Tomorrow, I head to Austin!

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