Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the road again: DragonCon, day 0

Sometimes, I'm so dumb I can barely believe it.  Today, I had one of those times.

I got up after a modest amount of sleep and went straight to work.  I wanted to be completely caught up before I got in the car to go to Atlanta and DragonCon.  I finished all my work, showered, and was getting ready to go.  I rushed out.

After driving to Hillsborough, where we planned to eat lunch, and after walking almost to the restaurant, I realized I had changed my dressing ritual by rushing and in the process had left my wallet at home. 


Back home we drove, so I could get my wallet.

Total time cost was about a hundred minutes. 


The rest of the car trip went well.  When I wasn't driving, I was working on my tablet, but I could not keep up with the volume of email that was coming my way. 

I did tweet a picture of the butt-crack side of the giant metal peach; you won't want to miss that.

After checking into the hotel and finding the room to be completely fine, I headed to dinner.  The meal was a tasty one, courtesy of Alma, a place that offered an interesting combination of Brazilian and Mexican dishes.  None were great, but all were good.

Back at the room, I found a giant maelstrom of work email, which took me until the wee hours to finish.

Tomorrow, the con starts.


David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

Are you in the Tesla?


Mark said...

No. The charging options didn't look good for this road trip, so I didn't take it.

Anonymous said...

everyone has a moment like that at some point. Please don't use the word "dumb" about yourself.

Love that giant peach. I have not seen it in many years.

I know y'all will have a great time at DragonCon.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. I don't mind saying I was dumb, though, when I was dumb.

Anonymous said...

I guess I prefer the words "error" or "mistake" as the words "dumb", "stupid" and other words of that ilk bring back painful memories. Just my personal preference.

I bet your comedy show at DragonCon will be a smashing success!

Mark said...

Fair points. I tend to prefer to be hard on myself.

I fear no one will show up for the show. I very much hope to be wrong!


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