Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why is this song following me around?

It tormented me in the dentist's chair Monday morning, and I've heard it at least twice daily since then.


My theory:  Our robot overlords demand that I pass it on to you.  In return, it will leave me.

So, here.

Don't blame me.  No one can resist our robot overlords.


Michelle said...

Oh great. Thanks a lot. Just when I finally finished getting Blondie's Call Me out of my head, now I have this. Stupid robot overlords!

Mark said...

My point exactly! What were they thinking?

Rosanne said...

The one that gets me is "Afternoon Delight". If someone even mentions the name, it takes me hours "playing" something in my mind like Metallica's "Sandman" to get "Afternoon Delight" out of my head.

Mark said...

Yeah, that song definitely can be a music virus.


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