Monday, April 28, 2014

On the road again: Portland, day 1

165.  That's a lot of cookies, a huge number of donuts, way too many ounces of steak, a hefty price for a dinner bill, and in many contexts, rather a lot.

It is not, however, many minutes to spend in bed before a travel day.  Trust me:  That was my last night.  I tried thinking of that time as 165 minutes, because seeing it as less than three hours in the dark was even more depressing.

Regardless of how I chose to view this time, after I turned off the light, it passed, the alarm sounded, I took a quick shower, and the travel day commenced.  Many hours later, I emerged here in Portland, where the weather is stunning and the skies surprisingly clear. 

Work filled almost all of the time, but today's treat was dinner at Ava Genes, an excellent Italian place I've visited only once before.  Everything I tasted was delicious, with most dishes featuring a wonderful blend of gentle and strong flavors.  I recommend it highly.

Now, though, I am recommending myself to bed. 

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