Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little tune with your allergy serum?

Long-time readers may recall that from time to time, I've had trouble with the folks at the office where I pick up my allergy serum.  For the last couple of years, though, my former nemesis and I have existed in a wary peace, both respecting the other, neither causing trouble for the other. 

Today, as I walked into the room to get the test shots that are a useless prerequisite to obtaining the serum, my former nemesis did what he always does at this point in the process:  He pulled the vials from their envelope and showed them to me so I could confirm my name was on them. 

This time, though, he pulled out the vials with his left hand and with his right pointed to himself and then spun around as in a sing-song tone he said, "Me me me."  He then pointed at the name on the vials and in a questioning version of the same sing-song sounds asked, "You you you?"

I could do only one thing.

I nodded, spun toward the chair, where I must sit to receive the test shots, and in a similar tone said, "Me me me!"

We were both still chuckling as he gave me the two shots.


Rosanne said...

I used to take allergy shots, and the difficult part at times were the limited hours that part of the office was open. But the worst thing that ever happened at the allergy doctor's office was waiting and waiting in an exam room, finally going into the hall to see what happened and finding that the doctor was gone and the office was closing up. They forgot I was there!! I can laugh about it now. At the time, I was not happy.

Mark said...

That would definitely piss me off. Sorry that happened to you.

Rosanne said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yep, I was pretty aggravated. I've had some bad stuff happen w/ health professionals throughout the years, mostly when I have had to go to the ER. I know folks have bad days, but it's tough when a person is on the receiving end of someone's bad day. I'm glad your appointment ended w/ both of y'all smiling.

Mark said...

As am I. I generally hate dealing with the whole health-care industry.


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