Friday, January 24, 2014

On the road again: Portland, day 4

A list of the various ways in which this travel day sucked:

1. Up at 5:35 to shower and begin the trip.  Why the odd number?  Wake-up call was late, which led to rushed shower and general grumpiness.

2. Window seat next to a 6'2" woman with the sharpest elbows in the world, one of which she kept in my space until we finally had this conversation. 

Me:  Please get your elbow out of my space.

Her:  It's not in your space.

Me:  It is when it crosses the armrest between us.

Her:  It doesn't.

Me:  Look down.  It's over the armrest now by two inches.

Her, after looking down:  Humpf.

She then moved her elbow so she was merely taking up the entire armrest. 

3. Woman who came out of the plane rest room I was about to enter saying, "Oh, it's not good in there.  I tried, but it's not good in there."  She was right:  it was not good in there.

4. No time for lunch.

5. Middle seat on the second flight.

A list of the various ways in which this travel day did not suck:

1. Sped through security thanks to TSA PreChek.

2. Breakfast at PDX was a pre-made egg-salad sandwich, the sort of take-your-stomach-into-your-hands food roulette I love to play.

3. Bandwidth on both legs, so I landed nearly caught up on today's work.

4. Exit rows both legs, so though my back ached from shrimping up the whole time, my legs were fine.

5. Both flights landed on time.

6. My bag arrived.

7. I'm home!

Overall, number 7 makes this a very good travel day indeed.

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