Thursday, January 2, 2014

My goals for 2014

Several folks have asked me what my goals are for 2014, so though I don't normally make New Year's resolutions or set such goals, I gave the question some thought.  I decided I did indeed have two goals for this year.

1. Get much healthier.

2. Produce more art.

I'm not willing to go into details as to how I propose to accomplish these goals, but I do have at least a vague sense of a plan. 

We'll know in a year how I did.


Anonymous said...

two goals I have also. I next see my doctor at UNC in early March. She's been trying to keep me treatment naive as long as possible as better treatments are in the works and a person's first try is often the best try they have. I also want to do more writing and create more artwork. I already have items I'm working on. Happy 2014. Hope your year goes well!

Mark said...

Thanks. I hope yours is great!

Anonymous said...

To get "healthier" is admirable but perhaps too vague? Physical health encompasses so many variables such as appropriate body weight, good diet, flexibility, strength... well one could go on and on. From reading your blog I sense that you have one huge obstacle that you will have to work around and that's a career involving a lot of sitting and travel. Another obstacle is that you obviously are a foodie. For you to get healthier something will have to "give" in your life it seems to me. You mentioned after your European trip that you wanted things to change health-wise. It will be interesting to see if you start blogging about some shorter term goals to get you where you would like to be, and how you plan to go about accomplishing them. I wish you much luck and hope you see real improvement a year from now.

Mark said...

I was being intentionally vague because I didn't want to share the particulars of my plan until I was sure I was executing on it. That said, yes, obviously some things have to give, and I am already starting on that front. Finding the right balance will be the key.

Rosanne said...

I'm working on finding the right balance also. Since I became ill, I've had to really learn to be more aware of my energy level. Working on artwork or writing energizes my happiness and optimism levels, which is also good for my goal of getting healthier.

Mark said...

I hope you find that right balance. I hope we both do.


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