Sunday, December 1, 2013

I dreamed at length last night

about the word "consternation."  Mind you, I was not feeling consternation.  My subconscious simply decided to focus on the word.  It was all a-twitter about the term itself.  With relentless focus and a surprising amount of passion, my brain explored the many ways people use the term, and I more or less watched it work, a spectator to my own thinking. 

To some people, and in some dictionaries, the feeling of dismay the term includes must be paralyzing or at least something that gives you pause.  Other sources characterize the word as simply referring to strong feelings. 

Similarly, most sources I checked today seem to agree that the feeling must hit suddenly, though exactly how quickly seems up for grabs.

So, too, is the degree to which the feeling is negative.  Google the term, and on just the first page you'll see feelings ranging from anxiety to dread, and from confusion to dismay. 

What's fascinating to me is how broad a range of reaction the many definitions of this single term manage to encompass. 

Nothing really is simple, not even consternation.

And certainly not my brain's odd dream-time obsessions.


Rosanne said...

I remember a lot of my dreams, and definitely have some unusual ones, including a dream about work and having a conversation w/ my boss about amino acids (I no longer work there) I keep scrap paper and a pen beside the bed because I have awakened at times w/ a new poem or song in mind. I did a workshop where one exercise was looking at all the words that could be used when talking about love, sadness or other emotions. Even in that small group, there was a lot of discussion about what "emotional intensity", on a scale of 1 - 10, to use to label certain words. Guess I might have touched here on both "dreams" and "consternation", but definitely know I touched on my own, "I am Weird"!

Mark said...

I think most of us, if not all of us, are weird in one way or another.

Rosanne said...

weird/unique adds the sparkle to life. (I realize I have submitted several comments, and I do stay aware of how many comments, posts, emails, etc. I write so that I don't overdo it bothering folks)

Mark said...

I don't think you're bothering anyone; no worries.


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