Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reversing the balance

I spend a great deal of time fretting about what I haven't accomplished, what I don't have, what I have yet to do, my failures and my limitations.

Every now and then, I remind myself to be grateful for all that I do have.  On Thanksgiving day, like many people I make a special effort to feel and express that gratitude.

I need to reverse that balance. 

I need to always be grateful for the people in my life, for all that I have, for everything.  I have so very much to be thankful for that spending time fretting about the rest is unseemly. 

I doubt I will succeed in this attempt, but I aim to try. 

I hope on this day that you have much to be grateful for, and that you express that gratitude.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me.  I am truly grateful to you.


Rosanne said...

I've had several life-changing events the past few years. Definite wake-up call. I have hopefully gained some wisdom about what in life is important, and I know I'm still a work in progress, which I guess is a bit of wisdom itself.

Mark said...

As trite as it is to say, we always have the chance to gain more wisdom. I'm glad any time any of us does, so I'm glad for you that you did. I'm sorry, though, for what sound like rough events. Take care.

Rosanne said...

Thank you. I rewrote my comment about 6 times before posting. I've always cared deeply for others, even as a young child, due to rough things that happened early. The last few years have taught me that I also am deserving of the kindness that I give so freely to others. I read in a book: "Think of your internal dialogue. Would you say to a friend the unkind things you say to yourself?". One's life can turn upside down in a moment. Every moment a person has is precious. All life is precious.

Mark said...

I most definitely agree.


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