Thursday, October 3, 2013

Remember those PT sabbatical charity work videos?

I hope so.  For those who don't, I wrote about PT's sabbatical program and the first video in this earlier post, which includes a video about Peter's charity work.  When the second video appeared, this one featuring Jennie's charity endeavors, I also wrote about it

Well, the third video is now online, and it  I admit to finding this more than a little awkward, but I've highlighted all the others, and I believe in supporting the charity (the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen), so I figured I should also plug this video in my blog.

I can barely stand to watch myself in video, so I'll have to hope your reaction is better.

Enjoy (I hope).

I particularly like that the good folks at the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen don't make you show ID or pass any test or do anything at all to get your meal.  If you show up for lunch, they feed you. 

I'm honored to have had the chance to work with them for a week.

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