Saturday, August 31, 2013

On the road again: WorldCon, San Antonio, day 3

My day began, as usual, with a bit of work, after which I rushed over to the convention center to do my 11:00 a.m. reading.  I expected no one to show, so I was pleasantly surprised to have an audience of ten or eleven folks whom I did not already know.  In gratitude for them getting up so early on a Saturday, I gave them several options for what I might read.  They chose the Heinlein afterword.

This time, I read it all the way through without tearing up, which I considered a definite improvement.

For most of the rest of the afternoon, I did normal con stuff:  got lunch, caught a few panels of friends, wandered the dealers' room and the art show, talked to a few friends.  I crammed in a bit of work as well.

I needed some time away from crowds, so I spent a few hours watching the UFC 164 prelims before I headed off to the Baen party.  I consider myself pretty bad at mingling at parties, so I found a tolerable spot on the large and lovely balcony and spent most of the evening talking to various folks, mostly existing friends but also a few people I met there.  For me, that's about as active a socializing plan as I can handle. 

I'm always struck by how bad I am at parties, while so many other folks seem completely at ease and in their element.  I don't expect to ever become good at these affairs, but I suppose I'm a tad less awkward than I once was.  That's progress of a sort.

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