Saturday, August 17, 2013

Negativity costs

I'm not a Pollyanna.  I don't see everything as being made of unicorns and rainbows, nor do I walk around smiling all the time.  (I've been told my normal facial expression is somewhere between grim and "I'm going to kill you now," but I can't vouch for that because, well, the expression is on my face.)  I do see the dark side of many things, and I certainly walk through life with more than a bit of paranoia. 

All of which may make this statement surprise some folks:  I'm really tired of dealing with negativity.

Constantly seeing the negative costs not only the viewer but those around him.  The viewer pays by having a shittier than necessary life--and isn't there enough shit in all our lives?--and by missing so much of the good things going on all around and even to him.  Those around negative people pay by having to help cheer up those they care for and by having their own positive attitudes constantly battered. 

Negative attitudes also make work harder.  Yes, considering all the available data is vital, and yes, some of that data will be negative.  Constantly finding fault with every option everyone offers and yet coming up with no alternatives, however, isn't being clever; it's being destructive. 

We all get down.  We all wish parts of our lives were different.  We all want things we do not get.  If, though, we respond to these and other life pressures by constantly being negative, then we should consider getting a little help.  The costs to negative people and to those who are around them are too high. 


Anonymous said...

Your just seeing the negative side of negativity, try and look at it with a little bit of positivity.


Kyle said...

As always, you make me glad that I'm the sanest and happiest person I know.

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

Amen to that!

I'm rarely thought of as a Pollyanna either, and certainly my view of the purpose of life is--well, I consider it realistic. But there's no reason to get loudly angry about things you can't change.

I prefer to be around people having a good time; and they won't be if I'm a sour pill. Therefore, as I priority (above even my fitness) I work at not being a sour pill.

If I can do it, others could at least make it a priority.

Who has never lost faith in the asteroid

Mark said...

Ah, Kyle, it is so amazing that you think that.

Mark said...

Dave, I think of you as a Pollyanna.

David Drake said...

Asteroid doubter!
Yours in sadness,

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... perhaps one of the antagonists in a future Jon & Lobo adventure will be Eeyore's Evil Twin? - Just think about it, don't say No right away. :-)

- old aggie


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