Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beach strangeness

A bit of beach health food:  Bob's "Q dog," which features a Nathan's hot dog atop some mustard and beneath both Eastern Carolina barbecue and slaw.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Damn, that thing was tasty.  The bowl in front of it, by the way, contains Bob's famous dilled shrimp pasta salad, which is just plain delicious.

The weird highlight of the day was a trip to the Department of Justice--no, not the government agency, but rather a sort of thrift store cum outsider art exhibit cum collection of strange shit.  Mirror fragments on threads tinkled and sparkled in the afternoon sun as broken-down cars adorned the lot under them.

A tasteful statue reminds us that serious redneck country is never far away when you live in North Carolina.

One of the more vile parts of the extremely seedy "Treasure Tunnel" made the point that this exhibit has something to offend everyone.

In the ice cream shop across the street and down a bit, a sign managed both to capture a bit of the South's charm and to frustrate those of us who value the word "y'all" but insist it contain its apostrophe.

In other news, the Bobcake left us today after a concerted attack by the beach people.  Kyle and I ate the last two pieces.

The Bobcake, it was delicious...and formidable.

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