Monday, June 17, 2013

On the road again: Portland, day 1

After only three hours of fitful sleep, a travel day like today passes largely in work and discomfort. 

Up at 6:30, to the airport by 7:05, and on the plane in time to learn that flying time has grown from a bit over two and a half hours to a bit over three and a half hours.  Plus a long stretch on the tarmac.  No upgrades, no exit row.  The tall guy in the seat in front of me leans all the way back, so I work--because work I must if I am to sleep later--typing down into the V-shaped maw of the laptop. 

Grab a sandwich in DFW, eat it standing up, board again, wait an hour, then fly even longer.  Exit row this time, which is good, so I work until the battery nearly dies.  Seatmates are cranky at my refusal to nap and at the sound of my fingers hitting the keys, but eventually we agree without speaking to ignore one another.

I land at PDF twelve and a half hours after waking up. 

More work after checking in, fueled by a rich, pulse-quickening cup of sipping hot chocolate from Cacao

Dinner with friends is a refreshing break, omakase from Hokusei Sushi.  Each of the five courses is tasty and, as you'd expect, lovely on the plate (or in the bowl). 

Back at the hotel for more work and finally, finally, sleep.

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