Friday, March 22, 2013

Portrait of the author as a kitchen worker

Today, after service and while we were finishing clean-up.

You can always tell how very much I like having people take my picture.  Yes, that is me trying to smile.

Today, the lead and a fair number of other folks couldn't make it, so for a time we went into the weeds.  I ended up working the ovens, helping with meat, making barbecue sauce from what ingredients we had, and generally staying very, very busy.

We made it, though, as the team at Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen always seems to manage.  We fed north of 250 people (I didn't hear the final count), and the food earned more compliments from guests than I've heard on any other day.

Tomorrow, I head to Europe.


Unknown said...

I applaud you!

Mark said...

Thank you, though I don't deserve any applause. The people who do this week in and week out are the ones who have earned our praise. I was honored to get to work with them.


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