Friday, March 1, 2013

On the road again: TEDActive, day 6

We had only two sessions today, as is the TED tradition.  In the first, we heard 

  • Jim Flynn discuss why IQ scores have risen so much over the last hundred years
  • Jared Diamond talk about the many lessons we could learn from more traditional, older societies
  • Daniel Ogilvie explore how early in our lives we come to believe in the existence of a soul
and many more good and interesting TED talks.

The one that touched me the most was Joshua Prager's very personal tale of tracking down and talking with the man who caused the traffic accident that broke Prager's neck and changed his body--and his life--forever.  

The presentation that intrigued me the most was Dan Pallotta's discussion of why and how we are doing the wrong things with our not-for-profit organizations.  He persuasively argued for higher compensation for their staff and far less attention on their overhead.

Julia Sweeney's satirical TED wrap-up was hilarious while hitting mighty close to home on more than a few talks.

Chris Anderson closed the show with Eric Whitacre conducting his composition, Cloud Burst, with both a choir standing in front of him and one joining via Skype live from something like 35 different countries.  It was beautiful.

After the sessions ended, we enjoyed lunch around the pool, and then we dispersed, the TEDActive physical community once more transformed into a virtual one.

Next year:  Whistler.

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