Saturday, November 10, 2012

Embarrassed for my demographic group

With hopes that the folks at BuzzFeed won't be mad at me for incorporating their graphic, here's their take on how this week's election would have gone if only Caucasian males had voted.

Click on the image to see a larger version.  For the full analysis and BuzzFeed story, go here.

Considering that I voted for and donated to and am a staunch supporter of President Obama, I definitely do not belong in my demographic group.

Further, given the sheer number of stupid, offensive, homophobic, and anti-woman positions that are key parts of the Republican platform, I'm legitimately embarrassed for my demographic group.

Having said all that, my more considerate self, the one that has always stopped me from being a truly successful columnist, the one that knows the world is not black and white but rather far more complex, insists I note that I know many good Caucasian men who voted for Romney after considering a wide range of issues.  I don't agree with their choice, but I know them to be good people.  I find their decision as puzzling as they, no doubt, find mine.


Kyle said...

The electoral map obscures more than it reveals. I prefer this version: county-level data colored by percentage of votes received and scaled by population. From here.

We're a moderate purple country governed by a handful of starkly red and blue people. I'm embarrassed by them, not by us.

Mark said...

I agree with your conclusion about those governing us, and about the country in general. All the data I've seen, though, suggests that Caucasian males went strongly for Romney, which I still find embarrassing.

Kyle said...

Here's another one. Color saturation by population density. There are no red states, only pink states.


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