Friday, August 31, 2012

On the road again: Chicon, day 4

Today passed in a blur of activity.  I awoke early and worked until it was time to shower and head to my kaffeeklatch.  For those who don't go to SF cons, this is a limited-attendance, small event for which people have to sign up in advance to get a chance to spend time in a small group talking with a writer or other guest.  I frankly expected no one to show, but Griffin and Jerry had said they would come by.  We figured to sit in the room for a few minute, then go grab brunch.

To my surprise, four people I didn't know had signed up and showed up, so a group of eight of us chatted for 90 minutes about all manner of things.  I enjoyed it, and I hope the others did, too. 

Next up was a quick stroll to Pastoral for lunch.  The sandwiches were again delicious, the cheese, bread and meats all fresh and wonderful.

I then went to the fan lounge for my 30-minute turn as the "writer under glass."  In this odd experiment, one writer after another sits at a single computer and continues a story wherever the last writer left it.  I was the 20th writer in line, so just reading the work of my predecessors took a fair amount of time.  As of when I left, the story, though far from the best, was entertaining and at least serviceable through most of its length.  I won't get to read the final result, though, because at the end of this affair the con is going to print it once, auction the manuscript, which will include cover sheets signed by all the authors, and then, as best I understand it, destroy the story.  I wondered how hard it would be to focus, but once I was into the story the world disappeared, as it always does when I write.

I spent the afternoon working, touring the art show, working, talking to friends in the dealers' room, and working. 

Dinner was more modernist cuisine at Homaro Cantu's moto, which I first visited many years ago.  As you'd expect from a restaurant famed for its use of modernist techniques, each course was intriguing and surprising and also, of course, delicious.  I very much enjoyed the meal.  Had I not eaten at Alinea the night before, it would have been the most adventuresome food I'd eaten in years, but as good as moto was, Alinea was better.  Still, I absolutely recommend moto to anyone interested in seeing how much fun and how interesting food can be.

The evening went to work and party-crawling with a varying group of friends. 

Tomorrow, more time in the con, I hope, and of course some writing and work. 

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