Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three fun facts about No Going Back

As frequent readers know, my next novel, No Going Back, is due in bookstores and online on May 29. (You can already buy the electronic advanced reading copy, or eARC, at www.baenebooks.com.) Over the next month, I hope to spread the word about the book, because a book's first-week sales are very important. As a bit of a teaser, here are three interesting tidbits about this fifth Jon and Lobo novel:

1) Lobo reveals big things--very big things--about himself.

2) The title is not hyperbole: a great deal changes in non-reversible ways.

3) As I've mentioned at a few cons, Jon really does get laid.
Yeah, that's right: more Lobo keen data than you can shake a stick at, big surprises, and, finally, Jon has sex.

How can you resist that combination?


Andy Finkel said...

I hope you get to count eArc sales in the first week sales. There's probably a number of us who just couldn't (and didn't) wait.


Mark said...

I don't, alas, Andy, but thanks for the early support and the kind wishes.


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