Friday, February 24, 2012

Michelle Duggar wants to educate us

This story isn't news, but it remains amazing. You can read one take on it here, and on that page you can find a link to Mrs. Duggar's astounding document, "Seven Basic Needs of a Husband."

I'd never heard of Michelle Duggar until I stumbled across an online article about her, but apparently in some circles she's making quite a splash. She's particularly known for having, with her husband, Jim Duggar, nineteen (yes, 19) kids, a feat they have parlayed into a TV show.

In her increasingly famous advice about what husbands need, she offers women such gems as how to avoid destroying your husband's manliness (having financial independence is a bad thing), how to become more the wife of your husband's dreams (maintaining a hairstyle that shows submission is key), and how to show loyalty (you should never ask others for advice without his approval).

I'm particularly fascinated by the concept of hair that shows submission; exactly what is that?

For an interesting read that was, for me, as much a peak into an alternate reality as any SF/fantasy novel, check it out.


Michelle said...

Apparently, Jim Bob is really happy to have a walking baby machine with a 1990's do for a wife. Those rooster bangs are rocking, girl! And to think, I never knew that a crimping iron hairstyle would make me more submissive. To be fair, the kids seem well adjusted and appear happy on the show. However, they seem only one step above a cult in their dress, thoughts and religious fervor. Although,I think they may have to stop at 19 babies, as they are running out of "J" names.

Kyle said...

Make fun if you like, but in the harsh world of natural selection she's winning as thoroughly as if she'd killed your kids and stolen your house. Your contribution to the gene pool is going to get lost in hers like a cup of water in the ocean. Look upon Michelle Duggar and see the future of humanity. Where is your god now?

Mark said...

My god?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Kyle...I applaud her for her over-breeding; she may singlehandedly rebalance the races.


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