Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the road again: Cayman Cookout,
Grand Cayman, day 2

I won't see a lot of Grand Cayman while here, but the Seven Mile Beach, on which this hotel sits, is easily one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. The sand is perfectly white and fine, the water so clear you could read a book a yard under the surface, and the air always gentle and salty. I love it.

The level of service and luxury at this hotel surpasses anything I've experienced except the Inn at Little Washington; no service tops the Inn's. I took a mid-day work break to spend some time in the water and on the beach. Floating in the water along the beach are a few swim-up "aqua lounges." Each has a large square foam table center, which is anchored to the sea bed, and four covered chairs, one per side. Sit in it, and a waiter walks out and takes your drink and lunch orders. It was embarrassing to do but also great fun. Sipping a non-alcoholic mango daiquiri while sitting mostly underwater in a lovely shaded seat is a great way to relax.

Were I far richer than I ever will be, I could certainly see the appeal of spending a month here during the worst of the winter.

Growing up in Florida, I knew people who worked at places like this, usually people with sufficiently good connections to score one of those high-paying jobs, but I never knew anyone who actually stayed at one. I still find it quite amazing that I am here.


Alistair Kimble said...

Glad you're relaxing and having a good time! And you're 100% correct about the Inn at Little Washington! The only thing that has come close for me and my wife was the Queen Mary 2.

Mark said...

I won't fully relax until I finish No Going Back. But, I'm working madly on it, so I am hopeful.

Michelle said...

I have only word upon reading this: Jealous.

Mark said...

I'm jealous of myself, and I'm here.


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