Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some nights, I gotta be a DJ

Tonight is one of them. If you hate playing music selections from others, move along; I'll be back to something else tomorrow.

For now, though, I needed to listen to this Death Cab song, which also has a deeply sentimental and lovely video.

Speaking of honest sentiment, check out this great song from Van Morrison. The video is silly and at times dumb, but at least you get the original, uncensored lyrics.

Lest I spend the entire playlist in sentiment, here's Henry and his band with some advice for the next party.

I'm gonna close on sentiment, though, with a song I've featured before that I just love. It's not the original version, but it's my favorite.


Michelle said...

Dec 8, 1980, John Lennon died. Thank you for ending your blog with his video. He was a brilliant artist. Such a shame he was gone so young.

Mark said...

Indeed. The date was not a coincidence.


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