Saturday, December 24, 2011

The best 2011 album I heard this year

is Gift Horse, from Stephen Kellog and the Sixers. There's not a bad track on it, and it contains quite a few exceptional songs. I've had it in heavy rotation since it arrived, and I'm not tired of it yet.

If you aren't listening to these guys, you should be.

I've linked to a few of the songs before, but I'll still provide some samples here.

First, an in-station video of the one Sarah said she has played the most from the album.

I'm quite partial to this one. I'm using a no-video link just because the audio quality on the live shows I tried was so bad.

If you at all like these songs, buy this album and support these guys. I want them to make many more records.


Anonymous said...

Did you buy this album for yourself?

Mark said...

An odd question, but, yes, I did. I pre-ordered it from the band in a package that included a t-shirt.


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