Friday, November 25, 2011

I screwed up

I recently made the mistake of glancing through my Amazon reviews for Children No More--something no writer should ever do with her/his books. Sadly, that is not the error I am writing about. No, I have to confess something worse.

A comment from Richard Brice pointed out that I screwed up the way parachutes work. In researching the scene, I had talked to a few folks who had gone skydiving, and I'd watched some videos, but I had failed to consult anyone who really understood the process. I consequently spoke of a lift occurring when the parachute opens, but in fact no such thing happens. It feels like you're being pulled up, but the sensation is inaccurate. On most videos it looks as if the skydiver is going up when the chute opens, but that's because the camera operator is usually falling without having opened his/her parachute.

No, you do not go up. Instead, you just slow your rate of descent.

I hate making errors, particularly those I could have prevented.

I will, as always, endeavor to minimize them.

My thanks to Mr. Brice, because I have learned something useful, and people should call me out when I screw up like this.

Now, back to the book in progress.


Brian D. said...

I've been meaning to comment on your blog recently on Thanksgiving to say thank you for widening my universe with such wonderful stories.

As for your mistake and reviews, I love your stories and just want to say now you learned something about parachutes you'll never forget. Don't let it get you down (doesn't sound like you are but if you read something negative, forget it)

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words, Brian. I greatly appreciate them.


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