Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh, yeah, we're eating healthy

Time at the beach is all about health food. Consider today, for example. Five of us went to my favorite local lunch place, the one at which I eat the noonish meal every single day it is open. Our selections epitomized healthy beach eating.

(As always, click on a photo to see a larger image.)

Starting at the lower left, we have a roast beef sandwich with dill shrimp pasta salad; a slice of bacon quiche with a raspberry Danish; a grilled cheese sandwich with one of the world's tastiest and highest-calorie-count bran muffins; another order of the same; and another slice of bacon quiche, this time augmented by a cinnamon bun.

Next on our agenda was a trip to the grocery store to pick up some vegetables for a salad to accompany tonight's almost entirely meat dinner. While there, though, the shopping team encountered this awesome creation and knew--correctly--that it belonged in our beach house.

Is that a happy octopus cake, or what? The entirely icing tentacles provide a quick infusion of sugar to anyone who's worried that his or her blood sugar is approaching normal levels.

From there, we popped into the local bakery at which we'd recently purchased almost all of their cupcakes. We had hoped to buy homemade donuts--healthy breakfasts are a must here, also--but they were all out of donuts. They did, however, have several new flavors of cupcakes, so we bought all of them--all, that is, of the cupcakes they had in stock.

Hey, it's not like we were excessive; they had only 27 of them.

The mocha cappuccino cupcakes proved to be particular favorites.

Dinner continued the health-food trend, as we consumed vast quantities of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, flounder, and tuna that Bob, the chef of the little restaurant where we ate lunch, prepared for us. Folks in the house added salad, pasta salad, and gazpacho. The result was this spread.

Don't let the presence of salad lure you into believing you had to eat veggies to consume this meal. As this bowl of burgery goodness shows, that was simply not necessary.

Even the appearance of salad in a bowl did not guarantee health, as you can see in this sample.

Did I mention the giant chocolate cake, a beast standing five to six inches high and weighing enough to strain the table supporting it.

The bottle is there simply to provide a sense of scale; even we aren't demented enough to mix Bobcake with mustard.


Michelle said...

Good God...there is enough sugar on that table to keep a classroom of first graders bouncing for several hours. The number of hours spent on a treadmill to counteract all these calories is scary. All this said, my envy has no bounds. I want that chocolate cake.

Mark said...

Yes, the chocolate cake was even better than it looks. After a large group has been working on it for about 18 hours, it's down to about a metric ton; progress!


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