Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern

Go ahead. Ask. I know the question: "What are you doing going to a movie with only a 24% rating on Rotten Tomatoes?"

I'm a nut for superhero flicks. So sue me.

I even had a pleasant enough time watching this one. I can't call it a good movie, but it wasn't a horrible one, either. As with so many films, I knew where it was going to go at every turn, but it pulled the audience along in workman-like fashion. Also like so many movies I've seen this year, Green Lantern does not have a story that bears up well under much mental scrutiny. You have to let it wash over you and then move on.

What probably helped me enjoy the film despite all those flaws is the fact that I've loved the Green Lantern character since I was a little kid. It struck the young me that if all you needed to have a superpower was a special ring and a strong will, then I was halfway there. I just needed that damn ring.

Nothing about this movie will challenge you. Nothing will surprise you. Even so, if you like superhero films, odds are that you'll find this one a pleasant enough diversion.


Ticia said...

I stand by my love for it. I will admit to an almost obsessive love of superhero movies and a half dressed Ryan Reynolds doesn't hurt the cause either.

Todd said...

I thought it could have been a lot more, but I appreciated what it was and thought the effects were good.

Mark said...

Yeah, that's fair.


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