Friday, March 25, 2011

Gaining ground in the allergy serum wars

Yesterday, I visited the allergy clinic during this week's one available office hour to get my serum test. Though I'm obviously still losing on the scheduling front, I'm happy to report that I appear to have carried the day when it comes to the test itself.

This trip, the receptionist, who will not call my mobile phone for scheduling no matter how many times I ask her, smiled and welcomed me by name. My nemesis, the guy who does the two needle-stick tests, forced a half smile, said hello, and administered the two needles quickly and painlessly. He barely checked my arm to see if I had passed, but I can live with that; I check it myself each time.

They also refuse to fix my address on the serum label, but again, I can live with that.

What's next after my best allergy test yet? That's easy: the scheduling dragon!

Wish me luck!

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