Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waffle dog night

Once, at a craft show far, far away (well, in Virginia), Jennie, Bonnie, and Jain ate waffle dogs and brought home tales of their tasty goodness.

We knew then that we, too, must eat of the mighty waffle dog.

In the fullness of time, Jennie found a mini-waffle-dog maker, purchased it, and carried it to this very beach house.

The other night, we put it to use.

We started by assembling all the left-overs in the house and a bunch of new stuff we purchased explicitly to go into waffles. Doesn't this look like a yummy assemblage of waffle-stuffings-to-be?

As it turned out, a star of the waffle show was this deservedly famous bit of quivering pink meatness.

Yes, that is Spam. Kyle and I agreed that the spam-and-cheese waffle, not to mention the enhanced spam, cheese, and bacon variation, was a concoction of extreme deliciousness.

I opted to begin with a nutritional combination of bacon cheeseburger and spam-and-cheese waffle. Don't you wish you had this plate?

There's already talk of a second waffle night!


Anonymous said...

Your gonna have to stop eating the way you do. Not now after vacation..haha...so what books are you reading while your away?....Chris....

Mark said...

Come next Monday, Chris, I will definitely return to healthy eating. I clearly must.

The last three books I read were Top 10: The Forty-Niners (a graphic novel by Alan Moore and Gene Ha), China Mieville's Kraken, and Barry Eisler's Inside Out. I do read a lot while here.


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