Friday, July 9, 2010

Today, I

finally got around to paying my bills and cleaning up my personal finances. The reason is that I am on day one of my vacation; tomorrow, we head to the beach. I intend to avoid email during this time, try to blog something silly and beach-y each day, relax, and heal from my fatigue and what feels like a very large, very inflamed soul bruise.

In the course of dealing with the stack of paperwork I had foolishly let build into a small but menacing tower, I also sent a little money to the reading charity for which I did some fund-raising at Balticon and a rather larger amount to Falling Whistles to get the Children No More program rolling. I hope we can be lucky enough to sell a lot of hardbacks and raise a lot of money.

Now, though, I must crash, for despite the timestamp on this entry, it's actually well past three a.m., and I am exhausted.

My next entry will come from the beach.

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