Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Holden strikes again

The other night, we decided to have fruit salad for dessert. We picked up a couple of small loaves of angel food cake to add that all-important starchy/fatty goodness that dessert so frequently requires--but without adding too much of either. The first loaf actually went to us.

The second was not so lucky.

We'd taken a thin slice from it, wrapped it in its original plastic, and put it on the back of the counter, near the bread box. The next day, it was gone.

We puzzled about its disappearance for a day or so, and then we realized that Shibori, Holden's sister, had been playing with a chunk of plastic wrapper. Shibori has never taken food from counters, so all eyes turned to Holden, my lovely dog who has eaten whole loaves of challah, half of a large pizza, and other tasty bread goodies.

Yes, Holden the Starch Hound had again pulled a bread-like substance from the counter and consumed it. This time, he'd upped his game by setting up his sister to take the fall.

You have to admire his skill--and his dedication to saving us all from extra calories.


J. Griffin Barber said...

Setting his sibling up to take the fall, that's a bit over the top, even for a master pastry thief without the moral sense god gave a dog.

Then again, she is a bitch.

Mark said...

Holden is actually a male. He set up his sister, Shibori.

He is definitely a doggie criminal mastermind.

J. Griffin Barber said...

Umm, I know. Hence, the only reason it's acceptable for Holden to turn on his sister is...

She's a bitch.

My sense of humor is warped, and my writing a little twisted.

A well, c'est la vie!

Mark said...

I think he also wanted a fall guy...er...fall sister.

Todd said...

You caught him Holden the goods.


Mark said...

Okay, Todd, that hurt. Ouch.


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