Monday, February 8, 2010

On the road again: TEDActive, day 1

After a completely unsatisfactory hour of sleep (though to be fair to it, how could only one hour of sleep in a night ever be satisfactory?), I got up, showered, and headed to the airport for the trek westward. Raleigh was cold. Dallas felt colder and was definitely nastier. Palm Springs, where I am now, was and is gorgeous. I packed only long-sleeved shirts, which may have been a mistake.

TEDActive (the official name for the satellite TED I'm attending, my third such gathering) kicks off tomorrow with some group activities. I'm joining a trip to a wind-power station because I've never seen one. There are some informal social gatherings Tuesday night, and then Wednesday morning, the talks begin. I'm usually terrible at the social gatherings, but I always learn a great deal from and enjoy the talks.

I actually spent three hours in bed last night, but for the first two of them, I couldn't sleep. Part of the reason was early travel, but a bigger reason was a notion that came to me and which I spent a lot of time exploring. I haven't decided yet whether to act on it, but if I do, you'll hear about it first here.

I'm chugging steadily through the book, as is Dave, who's now given me his comments on about three quarters of it. I expect he'll finish it in the next day or two; I'll take more than a bit longer. Still, it's all downhill now, and I expect to work my way to the end of Children No More well before the end of February. I'm psyched--so much so that I'm now heading offline to join The Big Red Binder on my room's sofa for a little editing session.

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