Friday, February 5, 2010

Draft 2 complete

I'm happy to report that very late last night I finished the second draft of Children No More. I then went through my rituals for this point in a novel:

* backed it up all over the place (I do that daily)

* printed and boxed a copy for Dave to review (he's the one person who reads each book before I send it to Publisher Toni)

* printed a copy on three-hole-punch paper and loaded that ms. into The Big Red Binder, which, along with red pens, will now travel everywhere with me.
I still have to write the afterword, but I won't do that until I've finished everything else. Otherwise, both the novel and the usual front and back matter are complete. The package is over a hundred and twenty thousand words, so buyers will get plenty of reading for their dollars.

Closer, I'm getting much closer.

I hope those of you who buy it enjoy it when you get it.



J. Griffin Barber said...

Very good. Also nice to know a bit of your process...

Mark said...

If you'd like to know more, let me know, and I'll go through it--though I think I did that at some point in the past in this blog.


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