Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the road again: Boston, day 4 - Arisia, day 2

I fell into bed a little after five a.m., so my eleven-thirty wake-up came earlier than I would have liked. Still, by my normal lights over six hours of sleep is generous, so I didn't feel too bad.

What proved annoying was that the reason I got up, my reading, turned into a waste of time, because no one showed up. That's happened to me before and will happen again, but I do wish all no-show readings occurred in the middle of afternoons.

Lunch was a pair of lukewarm hot dogs from the cart in the hotel lobby. I love hot dogs, but these could have stood more time in the water or steamer. After that, we hit the art show, where Jain's work was the very best stuff by far, and then wandered through all the dealers. I signed a few books and saw a little interesting stuff, but nothing yelled at me to take it home.

After some work, I headed off to a panel on hard SF. Allen Steele did a good job of moderating it, I got to chat for a few minutes with Alex Jablokov, and a decent-size audience stayed the whole time, so I have to count it as a win.

More work, then off to the next panel, this one on machines augmenting people. All the panelists contributed, I was able to moderate reasonably, and the SRO crowd applauded at the end, so I was as happy with it as I tend to be with these discussions.

We checked out the masquerade, which was fun, and then headed to dinner at Eastern Standard with John Grace of Brilliance Audio. The conversation was lively and far-ranging, and the food was good (but never better than good), so I had a nice time.

A party is happening right outside my door, but I have speakers for my iPod, and work on my book is proceeding. To that work I go.

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