Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the road again: Austin, day 4

The weather turned nasty here today, drizzling alternating with light rain, dotted with moments of chilly pre-storm wind and gray skies. Not a nice day, but visually arresting, with big skies plated in soft gray threatening to settle onto the ground like a comforter from heaven. Beautiful.

Work again dominated the day, so I can't really comment on most of my time.

My work on pass two of Children No More proceeds. I'm enjoying this pass very much and wish only that I had more time each day to work on it.

Dinner tonight was at a favorite Austin sushi place, Uchi. As I've said before, if you're in Austin and like sushi, you owe it to yourself to visit Uchi. Chef Tyson Cole is inventive and talented, and every meal I've had there has been delicious. If the foie gras sushi is on the menu, order it.

As much as I like Uchi, I've never eaten dessert there. The reason is that about a mile away is an Amy's ice cream shop, and I consider at least one stop at an Amy's to be a mandatory part of every Austin trip. We had a nice time there tonight, with good food, good conversation, and good people watching. I particularly liked the woman who entered with two friends, chatted up the staff, and then started doing routines with her hula hoop (yes, she brought one). She combined bellydancing moves and hands with classic hula hoop motions, and I enjoyed her impromptu show. I love Amy's.

Tomorrow, I must travel in bad weather all day. I'm hoping to make my escape just ahead of it and not be caught in it, but current forecasts make my chances look slim. I can only hope for the best.

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Anonymous said...

hooray, amy's! i haven't eaten at uchi yet, since the friends i most frequently visit tend more towards the salt lick side of the culinary house, but we hit amy's every single time.

- lisa


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