Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A funny thing happened in the shower the other day

No, it wasn't that. Nor that; just don't go there.

What happened is that I was thinking about the part of Children No More that I was about to write, visualizing it and hearing the dialog, and suddenly I realized, hey, that character would have wanted X earlier. That realization meant that the character would have done Y, which would have ultimately led to Z, and suddenly the basic plot of the fifth Jon & Lobo book hit me. Of course, laying the groundwork for that book required some small patches here and there in Children No More, but those changes cost me only half of a night's writing session--and they improved CNM by addressing the shortcoming that had initially struck me in the shower.

The title hasn't come to me yet, and I certainly will have a lot of plotting to do, but it's kinda cool to know the basics of the book I'm going to do after the book I'm going to do next (after I finish the current one).

I thought you'd want to know.

Now, go squeegee your third eye clean from those initial images; you don't want them bothering you later.


Michelle said...

Congratulations!!! And to think, all I do in the shower is realize that all the clean towels are in the laundry room downstairs. I am so humbled. Imagine how much more fertile your creative energy will be when your dream shower becomes a reality? Jon, Lobo and I thank you.

Ticia said...

This is exactly why someone needs to invent an "in shower" writing system. Just a magical pen that will write on tile or glass will do...

Congratulations, btw. That is excellent news.

Mark said...

Please don't be humbled. Most of my realizations are of similar form. I will never have that dream shower; it's just fun to design in my head.

Mark said...

Gina gave me an odd present that purports to be a shower-tolerant pad. I will have to try it and see.

Michael said...

I'm just glad that this means there will indeed be more Jon and Lobo beyond CNM!


P.S. Keep showering!

Mark said...

That is my plan, though I should warn that I have not yet sold any more Jon & Lobo books past Children No More.

J. Griffin Barber said...

To late, the third eye damage is already done. Like herpes, there's no going back.

But then the hotdog chair o' doom already did that for me some time ago.

Better to have it come to you in the shower than the crapper. Better smelling, anyway.

Muh two cents.

Mark said...

Every time I think of that chair, I crack up. I still want it.

And, yes, the shower beats many options.


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