Monday, June 8, 2009

One way to beat the sugar jitters

This past Friday, I headed straight from work to join others watching a set of four one-act plays written by young authors; more on that in another entry. From there, we went to Jennie's for the ice-cream tasting that I mentioned yesterday. At the same time, we also all tried thin slices from almost a dozen different types of cupcakes.

I hadn't eaten anything since a lunch at noon of about 500 calories.

I was soon vibrating inside from a hardcore, take-no-prisoners sugar rush. It was amazing. Others were feeling similarly twitchy, though to greater and lesser degrees; it appears some of the women I know are particularly adept at surviving on sugar and fat alone.

When I got home, I knew I had to eat something to level out my blood sugar, so I cooked Scott and me each one of my fried-egg protein manwiches. Purely as a public service, I'm going to give the recipe here--and despite the name, the sandwich is good for anyone of either gender (though not for those who keep kosher).

Ingredients (for one sandwich):

2 eggs
2 pieces of bread, your choice--but not too wimpy
slice of cheese, your choice--but cheddar is best
thick slice of luncheon meat, your choice--but ham is best
Take a frying pan and grease it just enough that you won't burn your eggs. I used a tiny bit of olive oil in a non-stick pan.

Fry the two eggs, breaking the yolks unless you want a real mess on your hands (and your chin and probably your shirt).

While they're cooking, separate them, so you can manipulate each one easily. Also, in your mise en place, stack the slice of cheese on the meat.

When the eggs are almost done, put the meat & cheese stack on top of one egg, then put the other egg on top of the cheese.

Keep the whole mess in the pan until the cheese starts to soften.

Now, take it all out of the pan, being sure to maintain the stack's integrity, and put it on one slice of bread. Put the other slice of bread on top of the stack, then put the whole thing back in the pan.

Warm for 30 seconds to a minute on each piece of bread.

Put the sandwich on your plate and eat it, ideally while grunting as you absorb the protein-rich, manly goodness. Making sounds like "nom, nom, nom" is also fine.

Oh, yeah: Plan to exercise a lot the next day, because this thing is a fat bomb...but boy, is it good.

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