Saturday, November 25, 2017

My first series binge-watch: American Gods

Well aware that I was possibly one of the last Americans not to have binge-watched a series, I decided to remedy this cultural omission by devoting today to a viewing of the complete first season of American Gods

Predictably, binge-watching came entirely too easily to me.  As someone who has watched five movies in a day on multiple occasions, this was no surprise, but I was somewhat taken aback by how much I enjoyed getting to see an entire series in a day.  Fortunately or not, my life won't permit this luxury often--I should have worked more today--but it was an enjoyable way to pass an afternoon and much of an evening. 

As for the show itself, I liked it a great deal.  In preparation for this event, I recently re-read the version with the author's preferred text.  I consider the book to be Gaiman's best novel, and I wanted it fresh in mind as I watched the show.  The series proved to be a pleasant blend of Gaiman's story and Bryan Fuller's style and obsessions.  I definitely recommend it and look forward to the remaining season(s). 

Friday, November 24, 2017

A quick Thanksgiving meal recap

A small group of us, family and extended family, gathered at the Drake's for dinner, companionship, and to give thanks for all that we enjoy.  I tried to stay more or less under control this year, though my plate was definitely heaping with food. 

Click an image for a larger version. 

As you can tell, I love gravy--on turkey, on stuffing, on mashed potatoes.  The roll is Sarah's and was wonderful.  Everything was delicious.  I make no apologies, by the way, for the quivering mass of from-the-can cranberry sauce; to me, it is essential Thanksgiving fare.

I forgot to take a picture of my plate full of desserts, but many wonderful ones were on offer.

My particular favorites were Jennie's banana cream pie, a favorite of my kids and Ben and me, and Sarah's caramel cake, which I am grateful she took home, but I sampled everything. 

I should never need a reminder to be thankful for my life and those in it and all I enjoy, but Thanksgiving is wonderful because it is just that. 

Thank you, all, for your support.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

I'm truly thankful

Every day, I try to remember all the great gifts I enjoy, all the people who have made that possible, all the breaks I've gotten, and I am grateful.  Today is a good day to give thanks, but so is every other day.

If you're reading this blog entry, the odds are good that you're either a friend, a reader of my books, a fellow foodie, a fellow movie fan, or perhaps several of those things.  I thank you for your support, and I hope your day is a good one. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The top five U.S. restaurants I'd most like to try

Today.  The list changes often.  Right now, though, it's easy and remarkably consistent.  I exclude from it all the restaurants where I've already eaten, because at least I've gotten to taste their food once.

5.  Per Se

Though Thomas Keller's New York interpretation of his flagship French Laundry has been the subject of some controversy in the last few years, it still makes my list.  I've been a fan of Keller's food for years, and my one meal at The French Laundry was exceptional, so I'm itching to try Per Se.

4.  Masa

I've heard so much about the sushi and service at Masa that I've wanted to try it for years.  Having experienced The Araki in London, I now understand just how amazing sushi can be. 

3.  Le Bernardin

It's a testimony to the top two places on this list that one of my dream destinations, Eric Ripert's amazing seafood restaurant, is in third place.  I've tremendously enjoyed Ripert's menus at the Cayman Cookout and at Blue by Eric Ripert, and Le Bernardin is supposed to be even better.

2.  Vespertine

This new restaurant made Grant Achatz grin like a kid on his Instagram.  Everything I've read about it sounds like it's both a strange experience and a source of amazing food.  I'm ready to go.

1.  Eleven Madison Park

Currently the number one restaurant in the world in the influential best 50 rankings.  Three Michelin stars.  Chef Daniel Humm, whose food I've loved at past Cayman Cookout events.  If I had the time and could get a reservation, I'd fly to New York City just for this one meal.

I hope one day to get the chance to visit all of these fine places.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Party lunch at the Cincinnati airport

A bit over a week ago, I went with a colleague on a one-day trip to and from Cincinnati.  On the way back, we stopped at a chili place in the airport because, hey, chili mac.

Indeed, it was tasty, though I may have overdone it with the hot sauce.

Click an image to see a larger version.

The chili was lurking under the spaghetti in the classic style.

While in line for this special treat, we couldn't help but notice this ad from the same fast food stand.

What I like to imagine is what it would take for me to be at the airport, walking by this stand, and suddenly need a giant box of 10 "Coneys" (which proved to be hot dogs smothered in cheese and chili).  Maybe a call from home that we've been invaded by a gang of young men?  Maybe just the worst stress day in history and a sudden and overwhelming urge to eat myself into sickness?

Whatever the cause, I have to admit that I would love to come strolling into, say, PT carrying a giant box of 10 Coneys and saying, sorry, they're all for me.

That would not be a productive day. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Searching for that perfect holiday present?

Search no longer.  Head over to LYG, pick up a t-shirt, start a conversation, and help change the world.

Wait for Black Friday to do it, and you just might save a nice chunk of money.

Yes, that's insider info:  as I wrote in an entry back in late April, Bill and I started and own the LYG business.  Our goal, as you can read at more length in that blog, is to help make the world a better place by building better businesses.

Yes, LYG is a for-profit business--in our dreams.  Right now, we're far from making any money on it, but if we ever do make a profit, half of all profits will go to charity.

Check it out.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Black Panther looks awesome

I saw this new trailer for the first time in the theater before the showing of Justice League.

I'm now more eager than before to see this film.  I hope it lives up to its trailers.


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