Saturday, January 6, 2018

Back in Grand Cayman

It's Cayman Cookout time--well, it will be in a few days--so I'm back in Grand Cayman to enjoy this beautiful place, relax, write, and attend this wonderful foodie event. 

The view from my hotel room window is spectacular, as always. 

Click an image to see a larger version.

It even looks great at night. 

With the door open, the sound of the waves is a soothing lullaby that turns me first contemplative and then sleepy, in rapid succession. 

This time, I even have access to the hotel's fancy Club Lounge, where food and drinks and quiet are available much of the day.  Here's just one of its several areas.

If you zoom in on the mini-fridge, you can see it's full of Pepsi products.  Fortunately, the hotel knows I prefer Coke Zero and Diet Coke, so they stocked some for me and keep it behind the counter.  It's not that I'm particularly special; it's that the service here is that good.

Just off the lobby, the hotel is keeping the holidays going to the very end.

Dinner was sushi at the hotel's own sushi place, which is a better than average but not outstanding restaurant.  Oddly, the highlight was the miso soup, which is one of the better renditions I've tasted. 

Adding the lime further improved it.

Tomorrow, my plans include sleeping late, eating brunch, going to the water, and not accomplishing much.

I do love this place.

Monday, January 1, 2018

A rare New Year's promise

I don't consider this a resolution; it is a promise:  I will turn into Baen the next Jon and Lobo novel before 2018 ends.

You can bank on it.

For disbelievers:  I'm happy to take bets and give odds. 

On another note, I hope your 2018 is wonderful and full of joy and love!


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