Saturday, May 20, 2017

I hadn't planned to blog another movie trailer

but then I saw this and so fell in love with its stupidity and cast that I simply could not resist sharing it.

Let's face it, with Bruce Willis, John Goodman, a dog, drugs, and all manner of other strangeness, Once Upon a Time in Venice is made for me.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Yeah, it's time for a little Blue Rodeo

Specifically, the song, "I Can't Hide This Anymore" from their latest album, 1000 Arms.

I've enjoyed their music since I heard it first in Toronto in December, 1987, and I've never stopped loving this rock/country/jazz band.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Do we really need

a sequel to Blade Runner?

No, we absolutely do not.

That said, will I go watch Ryan Gosling try to fill Harrison Ford's shoes in this sequel, Blade Runner 2049?

Yes, yes I will.  I just can't stop myself; I don't even want to.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Doing what's easiest vs. doing what's right

All too often, I encounter people doing whatever is easiest for themselves rather than making the small extra effort necessary to do what's right for their clients or friends or families. Tonight, leaving work, I encountered a perfect small example.

I was stepping out of an elevator in our office building into the lobby. The floor of the lobby is tile. The room was brightly lit and recently mopped, but enough of the water had dried that I didn't initially notice any of the floor was still wet. After a few steps, I almost slipped, caught myself, and then sighed. I'd complained before that when the janitorial team mopped, they should put out a "wet floor" caution sign so folks would avoid slipping--or at least have notice that they should.

As I was carefully continuing my walk to the door, I noticed there was indeed a "wet floor" sign--but in a corner, out of view of either elevator, near the door the cleaning crew probably took to exit the lobby. The sign was technically in the lobby, and its location was probably convenient for the person doing the mopping, but it did absolutely no good whatsoever.

Oh, what a difference just a little bit of thought and consideration could make.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The second trailer for Atomic Blonde

only makes me want to see it more.

Yup, I am so there, maybe even on Friday, July 28, the day it appears.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Colossal intrigues and ultimately satisfies

Most films today follow entirely predictable paths. When you enter the theater, though you won't guess every detail of the storyline, you will already know the shape of the plot and the outline of the ending. Colossal is not one of those movies. As long as you don't read any spoilers, you are unlikely to see just where this one is going, much less how it ends.

Consequently, I don't want to tell you much about the plot. I will say that it's SF, but SF in the here and now, where the fantastic element takes a while to assert itself. I will also say that the acting and directing are strong and both contribute beautifully to the film's growing tension. I expected a good turn from Anne Hathaway, but I was pleasantly surprised by what an excellent performance Jason Sudeikis turned in. The film is quiet, at least most of the time, but it is still compelling.

I very much recommend Colossal, but go with as little knowledge of the movie as you can. This one deserves more attention than it has gotten.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I went to see this movie for two reasons: I'm a sucker for director/co-writer Guy Ritchie's style, and I'm generally a fan of King Arthur stories. I entered the theater more than a little concerned, though, because critics had widely panned the film. As of this writing, for example, its Rottentomatoes scores are 27% for critics--but 78% for the audience.

I stand with the audience. Yes, the movie is a hot mess with a heavy measure of social commentary applied entirely too liberally, but the style is classic Ritchie, the soundtrack is spot on, the key cast members chew just the right amount of scenery, and the sets are wonderful.

The story borrows from the classic legend only what the writers felt like taking, which is to say that if you're expecting this film to fit well in the Arthurian canon, you will be quite disappointed. If you're willing to let it play out, though, and if you can accept Arthur as yet another kid with special talents raised rough on the street, then you'll have a grand time.

As is my way, I wanted the movie to work, so I had a fine time with it.

Of course, like most movies these days, this one's story requires you not to think too hard at any turn, because key elements stretch your disbelief to the breaking point, but if you're willing to do that, you'll enjoy it.

I recommend the film with those caveats and must admit that I enjoyed it. It will and not should win awards, but it's a fine summer flick with a decent heart.


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