Monday, July 6, 2015

More reasons you need to pre-order a copy of Onward, Drake!

I've mentioned this October book before, and I'm going to mention it again.

If you're even remotely considering not buying it, check out this table of contents:
Introduction:  It’s About Time - Mark L.  Van Name
The Great Wizard, Cabbage - David Drake 
Incubator - Gene Wolfe 
A Flat Affect - Eric Flint 
SUM - Cecelia Holland 
David Drake - Tom Doherty 
The Crate Warrior, the Doppelganger, and the Idea Woman - Mur Lafferty 
Working with Dave, or, Inmates in Bellevue - S.M.  Stirling 
Hell Hounds - Tony Daniel 
Technical Advantage - John Lambshead 
Saracens - T.C.  McCarthy 
The One that Got Away - Eric S.  Brown 
Appreciating Dave - Toni Weisskopf 
Swimming from Joe - Barry N.  Malzberg 
The Village of Yesteryear - Sarah Van Name 
The Trouble with Telepaths - Hank Davis 
A Cog In Time - Sarah A.  Hoyt 
All That’s Left - Mark L.  Van Name 
The Losing Side - Larry Correia 
Save What You Can - David Drake
We're talking multiple bestselling and award-winning writers, a wide variety of stories and essays, and hours of entertaining and often thought-provoking reading.

Yeah, you need this book.


Anonymous said...

Umm..... from an outsider perspective this is starting to seem like an author roast of some sort. A very weird and unique work.I honestly still don't know what to make of this.


Mark said...

Sorry for being confusing. The book is not a roast, because no one is out to make fun of Dave. It is, though, a tribute, a festschrift in honor of Dave and his work. So, each author in it wrote a story that for them in some way tied to Dave. Does that help?


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