Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free Krispy Kreme donuts Friday night!

Yup, and I'm buying--but there is, of course, a catch.

As I've mentioned before, my long-time friend Eric is producing a play, Proof, that debuts Friday night. The play starts at 8:00 at 213 Fayetteville Street in Raleigh; more info is available here. The venue is a real theater, albeit a small one. As I understand it, we can sell it out with something on the order of 40 people.

Fourteen of us are already going in one group, so we're well on our way.

If we sell it out, after the show I'll treat everyone who wants to go with me to the Krispy Kreme to all the donuts they can eat.

Think about this deal: A ticket to the play costs a mere ten smackers. For that, you get over two hours of entertainment watching a Tony-award-winning drama. You get to support local arts. And then you get to stuff yourself with donuts.

I'd never shill so directly for something of my own, but this is for my friend, so I have no shame. Now, Eric, who reads this blog and has no clue that I'm doing this, will probably be deeply embarrassed by this post. I can live with that.

We all have our dreams, some big, some small. Eric is making one of his come true by producing a play, and I'm damn proud of him for doing it. So, I'm going to do my part by trying to pack the house. He deserves at least that much from me.

Come on out. The play will entertain you, it will make you think, and then it will feed you donuts. You can't ask for much more than that.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet gift in support of Eric's dream. Thank you, Mark!
Anna Bess

Michelle said...

Damn, no fair, Krispy Kremes are the best. In support of Eric's show, I hope you have to buy out the store's supply!


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